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Whenever I look at a photo of myself from 10 or 15 years ago, the first thing I say is, “Damn, how I miss that collagen!” It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not; our bodies naturally produce less collagen over time as we age, which can affect our skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness—all that fun stuff. Don’t get me wrong, aging is cool and all (and a privilege!), but that doesn’t mean I’ll throw caution to the wind and stop taking care of my skin. Like many others, I still want it to be in the best shape as I get older. SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced ($185) is the latest tool I’ve been using to do just that.

How A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced works

The A.G.E. moisturizer gets its name from the skin-aging biological process it addresses—and this gets a little science-y, so bear with me. Advanced glycation end-products, or A.G.E.s, are the result of a chemical reaction called glycation, which occurs when sugar molecules stick to the collagen and elastin proteins in our skin. This damages the proteins and renders them unable to function properly, leading to visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced specifically targets the effects of glycation. The formula contains 18 percent ProxylaneTM, which is a sugar-protein hybrid that corrects wrinkles and helps with skin laxity, plus a blend of antioxidant wild fruit flavonoids that help fight glycation and free radicals. Other key ingredients include .1 percent glycyrrhetinic acid, which helps boost skin radiance, 3 percent hepes, which helps promote cell turnover, and my favorite ingredient, niacinamide, which they have in there to support the skin’s moisture barrier.

My honest thoughts

This is the first time I’ve used a product that targets glycation, specifically. I absolutely love the texture, which is more of an in-between balm and cream. It’s not greasy and absorbs quickly, but doesn’t feel like it disappears like other creams do. I used this for a month and noticed significant improvement in my skin laxity. It’s firmer, brighter, and the cream is helping to keep my wrinkles at bay while I’m in between Botox.

a.g.e interrupter
Photo: Marie Lodi


However, at $185 it is on the pricier side, so I’d recommend this particular cream for those who have similar, 40-plus skin concerns to mine. It’s an investment, but it’s well worth it—and you do get a generous amount in the jar that’ll last you a long time. Overall, I’m impressed by the SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced, and when it comes to skin care that addresses aging concerns, this stands out from a lot of the face creams out there (this is coming from a beauty writer who’s been testing products for over a decade).






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